October 27, 2005


Okay, I had this big blog entry all typed out and ready to go, then I deleted it by accident. Figures. I remember when John-Boy's manuscript was burned beyond recognition on The Waltons (when only the upstairs burned, oddly enough) and his editor friend told him it would be better the seond time around. Yeah, his editor friend was full of crap.

Anyway, I believe what I was trying to say in my original post was that "Productive Musings" is a double entendre. Sure, we all want to be creative and everything, but I also want to start a family. Hence, I am struggling to be productive in every way possible. I have been dealing with life's purpose for a while now and trying to decide if I am productive in my true purpose. Of course, after a while that gets old and so I just end up eating Doritos and watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. Which is productive in its own special way.