November 12, 2005

Blast From My Dorky Past

Okay, so here I am at home on a beautiful November Saturday and what I am doing? Why, I'm reading my diary from 1989! I figured in the spitit of the time capsule idea, I would post some of my ACTUAL diary entries from when I was eleven. That's right, actual written proof of my dorkiness. (Not that anyone needs proof.)

June 2, 1989:
Today was our field day. Billy B wrote I Love Kelly on his arm. Then he had the DJ announce it. Uncle joe came in. Now I can't wait for Eddie's wedding.
Note: Billy came out in 2000. I guess he didn't really love me.

June 3, 1989:
Today was Eddie's wedding. At first I was sick of it and wanted to go home but then it turned out nice. Congradulations!
Note: My brother Eddie is still married and I now know how to spell congratulations.

June 28, 1989:
Today me and dad went to burger king then went to see Honey I Shrunk the Kids. It was really good. It was a good day.
Note: Going to Burger King still makes my day.

September 4, 1989:
Today I stayed home all day. Tonight was the last full day of my vacation. It's over. Gonezo. I'm nervous.
Note: For a month and a half I wrote about how much I hated school and now I'm going back for my teaching certificate? My eleven-year-old self would kick my ass!


snob in the city said...

Hi Kelly,

Isn't it amazing how easy things were in 1980... Visiting the past in a journal, which can be painfully embarassing can also remind us how far we've all come. All those boys were thought were going to be our future... Oh man, I would be married to a white boy from Vermont named Bubba if those childhood dreams came true...

Kelly said...

I know what you mean. I could only imagine what kind of guy I would be married to if my pre-teenage guy wishes came true. Yikes!