November 16, 2005

Goodfellas and Ice Picks

I'm tired today. I stayed up late watching Goodfellas for the umpteenth time. Now that's productive.


Just on as a side note, you can check your ice picks and hatchets on airplanes. Whew! What a relief! I'm glad I don't have to leave them at home when I go to Florida next month. I was checking because it looks like I will have to take my fertility medication on the plane with me (needles and such) and I am worried. The FAA site says that you could take Diabetes-related supples (once inspected to ensure prohibited items are not being concealed).

I have bad luck with airport security. I got into an argument with a security guard because I didn't want them to scan my video camera. It seemed that every time I've had a video camera X-rayed, the film would get messed up. I was assured by the security guy that it wouldn't be erased. He didn't want to look at it by hand, but I still asked nicely if it could be inspected personally. Finally, he did, but as I walking away he guy made a comment about "pain in the ass teenagers" and so I called him an asshole. Thankfully, it was pre-9/11. If I did that now, I'd probably be in federal prison.

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Kay Richardson said...

Am I a fucking comedian to you?