December 07, 2005

Stall #3

There's a plunger in my favorite stall at the bathroom
at work so now I won't use it. Yes, I have a favorite
stall. Doesn't everyone? (No, really, I'm curious.) I
would be mortified if it clogged after I flushed it and I
could see myself running out right before the wave of
water and trying to look natural, like, "Huh? What
towering wall of toilet water are you referring to?"

I read somewhere that the first stall is usually the
cleanest because it is the least used. And there was
once a personality quiz online that would tell you
your personality based on what stall you chose. Of
course, it's all different for guys. They have other
options, as I found out last year when I mistakenly
went into a men's room. We went to a hockey game and
the arena didn't have doors, just openings for the
restrooms. My loving husband knew I was going in the wrong one, but
didn't tell me. Luckily, I was just going in to wash
my at-times-OCD hands. I heard a cough that seemed a little
too deep and then noticed the urinals...and ran out.

Thankfully, no one was using them. Now THAT would have been awkward and I would have had to act natural, like, "Huh? What towering man urinating in front of me are you referring to?

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