January 18, 2006

I Need to Focus

Sitting in a classroom again on Monday brought back a lot of memories and stirred a lot of emotions. It was actually kind of bittersweet because I found myself remembering my undergrad years and I kept thinking a lot about my friends...

[fuzzy flashback warning]

I wished Kyle or Kelli was in class with me so I could have had someone to share my snide comments about the overexuberent girl who was there early so she could get the front and center seat, but who only has a 2.4 GPA (she also is a loud talker). But alas, I had to keep it to myself.

I wished in some weird way that I was counting down the minutes until I saw "him" and feeling the butterflies of new love instead of wondering about tomorrow's work schedule.

I wished I didn't think that a class was an actual chore when I didn't have a job or home to think about. What an idiot I was at 18!

I wished Dan, my second "him" and lovely husband, was there with me like our German History class. Of course, I was counting down the minutes until I saw him and I was feeling butterflies of true love...

I have to learn how to focus more.

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