May 30, 2006

I'm Sorry, Gloria Steinem.

Well, the only thing I managed to do over Memorial Day weekend is call a five year old an asshole. That's what Dan says I said anyway. I don't remember saying thatexactly. Did you ever have thoughts that you thought were in your head, until someone reacted to it?

It's too hot out. Anything over 70 degrees is too hot for me, so this 90+ crap is like, well, hell, if I believed in hell.

In other news, I officially added my husband's name to my name. (I know, I know, it only took me seven years.) I added his, changing my last name to my middle name. I think it was the prospect of having a child with a different surname than me. Since we're planning on using my last name for his/her middle name, I'll have the same middle and last name of my kid. I've sold out to the societal demands of the man. You know what's funny, though? I've actually been having a difficult time with the change. I don't know why...maybe the feminist in me is revolting. I'm sorry, Gloria Steinem.


Jason Hughes said...

Wait... being a feminist means I have to call 5 yr olds "assholes"?

I prefer "shitheads" and "little shits" myself... so I guess I could make the switch...

Wow... you dd the name thing... Is this a "Congratulations!" moment or a "How hot were you in that courthouse? Was it even air-=conditioned?" mmoents... :D

Just kidding! You and Dan are gonna make great parents, and if it makes your's and the kid's lives easier, hey, make Dan take your last name as his middle name, too! I mean, hey, fair's fair, right?


Kelly said...

Being a feminist means calling most people assholes. :)

Just kidding. I think.

And I like your idea about Dan. Now we'll see that double standard come into play!