June 07, 2007

Everyone Wants a Piece

I'm sure no one will be very excited to see a new post (except my good friend Jason), but I need to write today. I actually needed to write all week, but my computer named Clinton (since Bill was president when the stupid thing worked like it should) decided that it didn't know what a modem was. I didn't realize that computers could get Alzheimer's, but apparently they do. Either that or Clinton finally decided to mess with me just because he can.

Anyway, words have been flying in my brain. I could see them as clear as can be because they are words I want to write. I tivoed Cormac McCarthy on Oprah (an English major's dream) and he said something about his stories just appearing in his head. So I figured my lifelong dream of being a writer must be real since that happens to me. Unfortunately, I don't usually write the words and stories in my head. But my point is that I WANT to. I just need to buy a computer. Or a damn pen.

Words have been haunting my brain for days now. Whenever I feel stress because of my husband's family, I want to write.

The stories are long and the problems are many, but let's just say that things have recently erupted in a melodramatic get-me-out-of-here kind of way and we are now not talking to ANY member of his family. I don't mind that part. What I do mind is the fact that they are using threats, guilt, obligation, and fear to get what they want. And they are blaming me for somehow forcing Dan to be angry. The latest threat is that if Dan doesn't speak to his father soon, his father will need to be hospitalized for a nervous breakdown. Yeah, no guilt there. It's like being stalked by a person who never really knew you. Dan and I are the Brad and Angelina of the in-law world: everyone wants a piece. And it sucks because I don't even have the full lips.

Unfortunately for me, as a writer, the thoughts that plagued my mind have wandered away.

But fortunately for me, as a wife and mother, the thoughts that plagued my mind have wandered away...

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