January 15, 2008

Pardon the Interruption

It's been a while since I wrote. The picture sums up my holiday, though. The highlight of the season was my brother and his family coming to visit from Georgia. My six-year-old nephew left the message written in pretzels for me.

When I got my camera to take a picture of it, he said, "Why are you taking a picture of that?"
"Because I want to remember it," I answered.
"Then why don't you just remember it?" he asked.
"Um..." I said, then realized I didn't have an answer.

* * *

We saw I Am Legend. That's right, a semi-scary movie (as "scary" as I get). Okay, I'll admit that I didn't really know it was going to be suspenseful. I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly so I could know those kinds of things, but I guess I didn't read that part. I DID read that Will Smith was in it and that was enough for me. I liked it, but I can't imagine someone not knowing who Bob Marley was, but knowing a family member instead!

* * *

Shortly following the holiday, my little girl was introduced to the magical world of milkshakes. It's a world that I never really entered. I have a tendency to resist things that I think will be utterly delicious because, well, what I don't know exists, I won't want to eat. But I was lured to the creamy concoction and I must say, they are tasty! So we stopped at an Arby's last week to get three (one for Kate, one for me, and one for my mom) strawberry ones. We pulled up to the window to see three people surrounding the milkshake machine. After about ten minutes, a girl brought over three cups and started to hand them to Dan.

She said, "You wanted vanilla, right?"
"No. Strawberry."
"Do you like vanilla?" she asked, smiling ackwardly.
"We ordered strawberry," Dan stumbled.
"Well, these are strawberry!" She blurted out.

A real Houdini of the drive-thru! So we went to McDonald's instead.

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