March 09, 2008

When Irish Eyes are the Easter Bunny

I hate the fact that Easter is so close to St. Patrick's Day this year. It certainly makes for a decorating conundrum. Less than a week separate the two holidays. And I love the Irish holiday (my great-grandparents are from County Cork, lads and lasses) but I also look forward to my kitchy egg decorations, too. When do I ditch my shamrocks for my eggs? Sure, I could wait until after St. Patrick's Day, but that doesn't leave much time for Easter decorations. Yes, I'm in quite a pickle. Easter decorations are some of my favorites from all year. I love Spring for its bright colors and the beginning of a new year. The winter seems so desolate, but Spring is the awakening. This year is going to be especially fun because of Katie, too. Can you tell I'm excited?

Yesterday we went to the mall and Katie stumbled upon the Easter bunny. I've never been very big on the Bunny, probably because I've always been very distrustful of people in costumes. We didn't expect Kate to actually like the suited-up rabbit, but she spot the Bunny and started to wave. Then she started walking over to the Bunny, saying "hi" and smiling.

If this sounds familiar to the Santa story, that's because it is familiar. She must enjoy waving at holiday icons.

Now I could honestly think of a lot of ways to spend $13.95 and buying a cheap 5x7 photo of a minuscule speck that could be deciphered as my child is not one of them. But I was willing to buy it. Fortunately, though, the waving bunny decided to touch Katie and she got this look on her face as if to say What the hell? and clung to my legs. So needless to say, I wasn't going to force her to sit on a stranger's lap.

Especially a furry, obscenely large stranger's lap.

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