February 05, 2012

Time Flies When You've Gotten Over the Excitement of the Internet

Wow. I just realized that I didn't write to my blog at all last year. Not once. Not even one little measly post. I guess I know that all things have their exciting period and I guess a blog is one of them. Sometimes I wish I could write anything and everything that I think. Sometimes I don't want anyone to know my thoughts. I guess having a blog to share my thoughts has now been replaced by social media. It gives pretty instant feedback and seems more casual. For some reason, finding an actual website feels like work to most people these days.

Then there's the one thing that has been responsible for the large chunks of missing writing from my past: happiness. When I am happy and content, I don't feel a need to write. You could look back into my paper diaries from when I was a kid and see years missing. But, I am happy to report that I am happy. Maybe someday soon I'll add to this blog again, whether happy thoughts or passive-aggressive aggravated thoughts. Until then, dear reader, (or random guy who tries to spam my comments section as if the MASSIVE amounts of readers on here will get you business) I hope you're happy. Oh, and thanks for making your way to an actual website. With actual words. You're why the Internet was created.


lostworld_me said...

Oh I noticed this about my initial blogs! Just dumped the first one eventually because it was too depressing. Thankfully I can write when I'm happy too now - it's such a relief :D

sachin kashyap said...

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Shahana Shafiuddin said...

It's good to know, that you are happy.. keep blogging please. Another form of happiness.

Anonymous said...

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