November 10, 2005

I Need TiVO

Dude . . . I just finished reading an article about
Lost on Entertainment Weekly. I missed so many things.
I don't know what I do for that hour, but for some
reason I never see any of the interesting things other
people catch.

Sometimes I try to really concentrate and I THINK I
see something of importance, but then it turns out
that I'm just making clues out of nothing. I believe I
did that with The X-Files many years back. And as a
highly imaginative eight-year-old fan of Nancy Drew. I
seriously thought my creepy neighbor was involved in a
teenager's death at a nearby skiing lodge while
wearing a figure-hiding parka. (Gasp!)

On an unrelated note, I also hurt my neck this morning
while I was drying my hair. I flung my long hair back
a la Raquel Welch; I do it all the time, just out of
habit. This is the second time in a month that I
pulled something in my neck. Damn, it's hard being a girl.

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