February 23, 2006

Every Child a WANTED Child

I just got finished reading an article on CNN.com about South Dakota passing an abortion ban bill that would practically limit all abortions in the state. What struck me as odd was this comment: "It is the time for the South Dakota Legislature to deal with this issue and protect the lives and rights of unborn children," said Democratic Sen. Julie Bartling, the bill's main sponsor. Uh, Democratic? My stomach is turning.

This ban worries me, as I'm sure it worries many pro-choice supporters in the country. With abortion foes running rampant (especially the head idiot) and the recent appointment of Roberts and Alito to the Supreme Court, the Court is more likely to consider overturning Roe v. Wade.

Perhaps all the women's rights in the country are being slowly stripped because women don't realize the rights they have. If you're part of my generation, you might not be aware that a short while ago women could not even vote. One thing that the suffragettes should have taught us that we should not take women's rights for granted. And one thing that the Bush Administration is teaching us is that our rights don't matter.

It's funny how most pro-life protesters are:

a. old women who cannot get pregnant
b. men who cannot get pregnant
c. innocent children who cannot get pregnant
d. childbearing-age women who are cocky enough to think it doesn't matter

There's a song by the Indigo Girls called Philosophy of Loss and it's running through my head as I write this:

Whatever has happened to anyone else
Could happen to you and to me
And the end of my youth was the possible truth
That it all happens randomly
Who is teaching kids to be leaders
and the way that it is meant to be
the philosophy of loss

It must be nice to be naive. It must be nice to think that the whole world works the same way your little town does and that people should behave and think the way you do. How could pro-lifers be so closeminded? How could they think that every situation is the same and that every abortion is done for the same reason? There are a few things that the South Dakota abortion ban bill does neglect to address: abortions performed because of pregnancies resulting from rape and incest. I guess we should all move to South Dakota because they obviously don't have any rapists, there's no inappropriate behavior, no birth defects, and hell, every child is a wanted child there!

It must be nice to be naive.

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Jason Hughes said...

What irks me even further is the following statement every single pro-lifer makes: "I'm against abortion except in cases of rape or incest." Now, if you're "pro-life," shouldn't you also be against those abortions? It ain't the kids fault! Life is life is life, they all say, yet when these two other not-so-nice issues are involved, then they'rewilling to bury their heads in the sand?!?! I'm sorry, pro-lifers, but if you are going to say abortion is imoral and wrong, that should include even those children that are the result of rape and incest.

Otherwise, you are just a confused pro-choice moron with sand between your ears.