February 01, 2006

State of the Union

No, I didn't watch Bush's State of the Union address. To be honest, I haven't ever been able to look at him for more than 20 seconds. He's like a gruesome car accident or maybe some dog poop. I just don't have the stomach to look at that.

Okay... [pulling out my worn-out soapbox]

Men and women should be able to love and marry who they choose. They should be without persecution and we should all understand that tolerance is NOT acceptance.

Women should be able to have access to safe, legal abortions. Every child should be a wanted child. It IS a choice, especially when it is in my body. If women cannot have abortions, men shouldn't be able to whack off without it being a crime since one drop of semen contains millions of potential children.

The minimum wage must be raised. Did you ever do the math? If a person works full time for 52 weeks earning minimum wage, he or she will make a little more than ten thousand dollars! Minimum wage is $5.15 and gas is more than $3 a gallon?

As a general side note, why did everyone feel so duped and hurt by James Frey's memoir lies, but the leader of the United States has lied and cheated the American people and no one seems to care or notice? Men and women are dying each day, our rights are being questioned, our privacy is being invaded...maybe we should get Oprah involved and then people would be outraged!

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