April 06, 2006

I Don't Get Bumperstickers

I don't get bumperstickers.

I like them, but I don't get them. Does anyone think that they will change minds by putting a little sticky piece of paper on their car? Are undecided people wandering around until they see a bumpersticker? Are people mindless enough to change their views when stopped at a stoplight? Something like: Jeez, I used to think that cats were just for killing, but now that I saw that SPCA sticker, I'm a changed man!

I used to have a bumpersticker taped in my window. (I know, I know, two issues: But does it HAVE to go on the bumper? And I'll admit permanent glue scares me.) It said: They can send me to college, but they can't make me think. Everyone used to get a kick out of it, especially all my friends at Penn State. And my parents, who probably believed it at times. So I guess I'm more about amusing people when I drive than shoving my views down their drive shaft. Hahaha. (Yes, I also watch Lost.)

I did have a bumpersticker taped (okay, okay, I'm either an issue committment phobe or really afraid of sticky glue) recently that said: Just say no to sex with pro-lifers. People (okay, pro-choicers) used to get a kick out of it.

My favorite bumpersticker? Every Child a Wanted Child.

No, wait, it's actually: Visualize Whirled Peas. That's actually my favorite bib of all time, too.

But I Vote Pro-Life doesn't do anything for me. Well, except that I want to rip it off their ugly Buick LaSabres. And yes, I'm picking on LaSabres. If you have one and are pro-choice, let me know and I'll change it to some kind of ugly minivan. Those middle-aged mothers are SO over sex.

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Jason Hughes said...

I like the bumpersticker that says: "My Darwin Fish ate Your Jesus Fish..."

hehehe, that always makes me laugh...

and my friend Scott has a bumper sticker that says: "Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me..." over and over like 7 times... can you tell he doesn't like clowns very much?

I think most people get them for the entertainment value, and then there are those that use them as a political statement. I mean, with all the traffic jams here on the east coast, what better way to start a conversation in the bumper-to-bumper traffic with the guy in the Mustang in front of you? :D