May 19, 2006

Musing #452,976

Musing #452,976: I don't think I had friends in high school.

This is the conclusion I've come to since I've become a full-fledged myspace stalker. Thanks to my friend Jamie (okay, so I had at least one friend in high school) who called me last week and asked me if I had a page on myspace, I have been sucked into the vast hole of myspace oblivion.

I laughed when she asked me if I was on myspace (scoffed, actually) and said that I have been avoiding myspace for some strange reason, kind of like my boycott of the car wash down the street because it creeps me out. She told me that she had been searching for people from our high school on there and said she couldn't really find anyone.

Me, being a self-proclaimed searchoholic (although I don't own a "I Googled Myself Today" t-shirt, thank god), thought I would search for some people, too. Granted, I did find a couple of kids (that are now pushing 30, sheesh) that I at least recognized.

Was this because my graduating class had nearly 800 students? Perhaps. Was it because I was a drama and speech geek who never dated? Probably. But as I was searching, I realized that there was no one I really wanted to find. I have kept in touch with everyone that I wanted to. There was not one life that I wanted to secretly peek into to see what they were up to. (Okay, except for an ex-boyfriend from college, just to see if he's married and happy like I hope. But even he doesn't count. Besides, he has either fallen off the face of the earth or is not savvy enough to have used a computer in six years.)

So why do I keep searching? I'm not sure.

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Jason Hughes said...

I only had a graduating class of 133 in my high school... I feel like such a small-town hick!