July 06, 2006


I started a web page back in 1995 when I was in high school. It started as basically an experiment, but I found myself wildly entertained by maintaining it. I enjoyed learning HTML and would post my feelings and thoughts on the page. It was, I guess, a precursor to a blog. It probably didn't get much traffic (like this site?) but I sent the address to my friends and they would occasionally stop by to see my latest updates.

I maintained the same page and things were going well until about 2000 when I started posting angry feelings about someone I didn't like. I felt angry, bitter, and betrayed in many ways. I decided to vent my feelings on my web page. I didn't care if anyone saw what I had to say. I mentioned something about her needing lithium (one of my best lines, if you ask me) and she saw it when she Googled herself and found the link. Oh, yeah, I used her entire name, so it came up as one of the top hits.

So, needless to say, the shit hit the fan. They supposedly didn't know I felt like that and said how my feelings were embarrassing to the family, etc. At first I refused to remove the comments, but eventually I did remove them and deserted the page in the process. I maintained that I had a right to say what I did and that my feelings did not or would not change, but I would remove the content from my page to avoid the hassle.

So here I am now, with a whole new (and as far as I know) undiscovered forum for my thoughts, although I don't feel a need to write about her anymore. I still don't like her, but I just pretend she doesn't exist and have gotten through a lot of feelings by removing myself in so many ways. I want to keep my anonymity so a few people can't find it. Or find it easily.

It's kind of like a web page protection program.


Jason Hughes said...

You should copyright that: WPPP: The Ultimate Web Page Protection Program.

LOL, maybe I'll copyright it. I just like the sound of it...

Now, about corn flakes...

Glenn said...

Keep your spine. Post what you like. If people don't like it, tell them to go to hell. It's better to let people know what you think of them than to let them walk over you. Stick to your guns Kelly.

Kelly said...

Thanks, Glenn. I've always tried to post what I like and I never much cared who had a problem with it. I guess at this point it's easier to post things (especially harsh feelings about people) without their names. Thanks for visiting!

And Jason, I do have WPPP copyrighted, so I don't want to see it show up on your page. ;)