August 08, 2006

Today Is One of Those Days

Today is one of those days that I wouldn't mind not working. Not only is it extremely beautiful outside, the mood here at work is just plain sucky. Poor Jason is sick, overtime is on the horizon, and I just don't feel like being here. Incidentally, it's a month until my last day...not that I'm counting.

The Top Five Reasons I Won't Miss Work

5. I will hopefully will never again have to hear someone answer a question with "yeppers."
4. I won't have someone laugh the most annoying laugh in the world for 20 minutes after a simple question.
3. I won't hear a soft, squeakish voice and have to pretend like I actually know what the hell she said.
2. I won't have to get up at seven every morning (although it has more to do with actually leaving the house).
1. I won't have to hear country music when I pee! (How can anyone think "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" is business oriented?)

In other news, Dan liked his flowers, although I will be getting a FULL refund from Hallmark since they didn't use the right flowers. I specifically ordered daisies and he ended up getting some kind of purple things.


Lauren said...

Ha, is that really in a song?

Kelly said...

Surprisingly, (or sadly) yes!

Jason Hughes said...

Now all I can think about is if I use the word "yeppers."...

It doesn't sound like me, but then again, Ican hear myself saying it over and over in my head...


My inlaws called last night and told us not to come over because of my cold... too bad, so sad, really...

1 month, eh? sigh.

I know, you'll miss my pining... :D

Glenn said...

Ever ask Dan if he was adopted? I've asked my wife that a few times.

Kelly said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, I did ask Dan if is was adopted. He actually thinks he may have been since he's nothing like his brother and sister or his parents.

My luck he has these great natural parents somewhere that I'd get along great with...and I'm stuck with the current ones. :)