August 04, 2006

OMG! A Religious Post?!

I have been thinking a lot about religion today, probably because I am working on a book about evolutionism. I recently got an email from a friend from high school announcing the recent birth of her child. I was surprised to get it since she supposedly got mad when I told her not to have pity on me for not being able to get pregnant. (That was a previous post.) I guess she came around in 9 months or thinks that it doesn't matter anymore. In her email, she said how great her delivery was and that she was only pushing for 3 minutes. She included her usual, catchy "God is Good!" phrase.

That irks me. Does she have to give God props for an easy delivery? And if it wasn't easy, would she write, "God Sucks Ass!"? I doubt it, although that would be amusing.

She's the same old friend who made the comment: "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." She thought that would be the end-all to a conversation we were having about gays. I obviously was trying to reason with her. I was quite surprised by her anti-gay statement (disgusting because it even rhymes) because I figured, wrongly, that since she was religious and seemed to have such an understanding and loving faith that she would appreciate all forms of love. I was wrong. In fact, I learned all those years ago that religion seems to increase your hatred of certain people. She proceeded to say "yick" after everything I said, as if that was some way to win the argument. (I have a problem with people who reply with simple sounds when you're trying to have a discussion with them. See my previous post about Dan's sister, who replied "uuuggh" whenever I made a point. I swear, it's like being in first grade again!)

I was so angry and find myself fuming even now, 11 years later. Of course, now I know better to assume that faith and religion equals love and compassion. It doesn't always.

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