August 03, 2006


I just ordered flowers for my husband. They will be delivered at his work on Monday for our 7th wedding anniversary. Do you think it's okay to send a guy flowers?

I once sent him a Green Bay Packers gift basket—complete with cheese. I was going for the manly "gift" there, but this time I opted for the same exact flowers we had at our wedding. I know it sounds cheesy (no Green Bay pun intended), but I think he'll like them and think it's a sweet gesture.

At least I'll get Hallmark points if he doesn't.


Dar said...

If he hates them, he'll just bring them home because he won't have the heart to throw them out. If he loves them, he won't want the other guys at work to know it, so he'll bring them home. Either way, YOU get the flowers back at home, so it's a win-win...plug them into a pretty vase and you're all set.

Happy Anniversary!

Kelly said...

That's true, I didn't even think of him bringing them home. AND they'll be coming in a mason jar (that's what we had at our garden wedding), so I'll be all set and won't even need to find a vase. But it's all about him, of course. ;)