September 27, 2006

Anti-Social and Loving It

Maybe it's my mood today or maybe I've been watching too many of those "To Catch a Predator" segments on Dateline, but I don't really see the point in having a blog. I have successfully boycotted MySpace, although I could see my 14-year-old self having a page and innocently assuming I'd meet a nice person I could email. I don't know if the world is changing or if I am getting older. I guess both, but I've been questioning my own contributions to cyberspace for a while. Why? Why do we think anyone cares? And if people read and comment, what then? But alas, I like to put my thoughts out there. I have always kept a journal and even as a kid I didn't know if anyone would read my thoughts on how cute Chris was or why Amy was my best friend, but I felt a need to write them down. I think I'm probably the only one who has read them and years later I think I must have been the lamest kid writing in a journal.

In other news, I don't miss work. I am seriously surprised by this. I thought I would feel unfulfilled or something or miss being out among people. I don't. I'm not sure if that means I am very good at being a bum or I'm really more anti-social than I ever thought. (Maybe my mother-in-law was right all those years ago when she said I'm just too anti-social.)

I do miss my co-worker, Jason, though. I guess it's because I read his blog and I could hear his voice in my head saying everything. There are a lot of times when I'm watching Survivor or Amazing Race when I wonder what Jay would say about it. I guess I just miss my friend.

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Jason Hughes said...

When it comes to TV, who are you rooting for? :)

In Amazing Race: I'm rooting for the hot supermodel dudes (no surprise there! I always root for eye-candy!) and the chick with the artificial leg. How about that one couple always bitching at each other? Can't wait til they get kiked off! It seems like every year they find the bitchiest couple in Noth America and stick them in the race... what the hell?

And Survivor! Holy Eye-candy Batman! :)

I'm really just waiting for Lost to start, but did you watch Jericho at all? It's on tonight again, and was very much lost-like in its set up and premise.... Good stuff!

I miss you too, and after you pop out this parasite (that you'll hug and love and call his name 'George'), we'll have to get together for some good ol' fashioned trouble!

And there's nothing wrong with being a bum! You are simply suffering from ASIRAN--Anti-Sociotiality Is Relaxing And Normal. :) Or, scarely enough, "As Iran."

Catch ya later! And keep blogging so I know you're alive! :D