January 22, 2008

Coming to Terms with my Laziness

The Academy Award nominations were announced today and I found myself jealous of Diablo Cody, the writer of Juno. My jealousy actually started several weeks ago when she became a columnist for Entertainment Weekly. It's not that she accomplished two of my biggest dreams. It's the fact that she's 29 and has accomplished two of my biggest dreams.

Now I must admit that I have not necessarily been trying to accomplish any of my writing dreams by writing. I prefer the simmer method of writing. I should be ready to do something about my dreams several years from now. But all of that doesn't diminish the fact that she's my age and she has accomplished so much. It makes me think that maybe, just maybe, if I had applied myself earlier, I could have become an honored writer or columnist too. So maybe I'm not jealous. Maybe I'm just coming to terms with my laziness.

My dad used to always say that if I had to make an effort to breathe, I'd be dead a long time ago. It's funny. It's true. So I'll just read EW and watch the Oscars and live vicariously through a woman my age until I decide to do something about it.

Until then, I'll enjoy my wonderful, if not glamorous, life and write here. I know a great story is in my head and will come to fruition someday...


Paige Jennifer said...

That breathing comment is hysterical. But in all Tony Robbins seriousness - do it. I lurv the sampling you've shared on your blog. And I KNOW you've got it in you. If not now, when????

Kel said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Paige. It's always nice to know that people like your writing. I do think I may actually write my story soon. Like you said, why not now?