February 09, 2008

Energy Conservation

On Oprah the other day, they were talking about The Secret, a book about changing your life with positive thinking. Have you read it? I don't think it's a good sign that I dismissed it away at first, but I do think that it makes sense. We make our own destiny. We subconsciously control the way our lives play out. The medical field has been suggesting that for a long time now.

There was a book a few years ago called the Celestine Prophacy and although it was fiction, I believed a lot of its basic ideas. One of them was that we are in constant exchange of energy with others. There are different kinds of energy "stealers" and that's why we sometimes clash with others. I applied it to my own life and began to see why certain relationships were working and others were not. When you're in love, energy flows evenly and freely to one another, so it's easy and comforting to be with that person. And when someone is trying to take your energy for their own gain (which everyone does, just in different ways and different levels), you feel drained.

Since the universe began with an atom and energy being released in a big bang, (I'm a little vaclempt. The Big Bang--neither BIG nor a BANG: discuss!) energy is at our core. We start out as a single cell and grow from there. The universe and all of its matter is inside us, so energy exchange makes a bit of sense to me.

Anyway, I have been trying to be more positive and I think I have been. If you read some of my first entries on this blog you could see the difference. I have virtually eliminated the obsession of certain failed relationships, although I still have to work on not worrying about it when I am contacted. Hell, when I forgot my infertility and truly began to think differently, we finally conceived. I had always hated the "advice" to just not think about it, but according to the people discussing it on Oprah (since I have not yet read it), that is exactly how energy works.

So if I could ever get out of my pajamas today (it's 1pm), I might go pick it up.

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