March 21, 2008

Crucify My Love


I'm in a restless mood. It's very frustrating when you want someone to leave you alone and they just refuse. I am being stalked. The best part is that my stalkers hate me! I thought stalkers were always in love with their victims (or at least thought they were "cool"), but I am proof that people could hate you, you could hate them, but they won't leave you alone. It doesn't make sense to me either. Leave it to me to be/find the exception. I need my own Lifetime movie. I can't imagine who would play me, but I'd throw a vote out for Gillian Anderson.

As a side note, people used to tell me all the time that I looked like Gillian Anderson (from The X-Files). She's the only one I've ever been compared to, now that I think of it.

Anyway, today is Good Friday. I'm not sure exactly what that means in the religious sense (and I don't care, so spare me any explanations, please), but as a kid it just meant that you couldn't eat meat. (My parents carried remnants of Catholicism long after leaving the church, sadly enough.) Since I don't fast now, Good Friday is just a day when my husband and I could go for lunch since he has the day off...and I could enjoy a turkey burger. I've always identified with the food aspect (or lack of) most holidays. This Sunday is the Holy Grail (pun intended) of holidays because it's all about chocolate, candy, and basic sugary confections. (I carry remnants of an excited child on Easter morning since never belonging to the church, gratefully enough.)

Oh, and how would my movie starring Gillian Anderson end if my weird, fucked-up stalkers wrote the ending? Why, she'd be crucified, of course! They'd want nothing less.

Enjoy your chocolate bunnies.


Glenn said...

Gillian Anderson...As your blog stalker, I must say that it would end very different in my head.

Kel said...

LOL, Glenn. Well, I don't have the Scully haircut like I did back then, if that makes a difference. ;)

And thanks for being my blog stalker! (I've been keeping an eye on yours, too.)

Jason Hughes said...

I personally would have said Parker Posey or Joan Cusack, but that's just me...

And if we're going to go with dirty sexy endings, I'd recommend you be played by Keanu Reeves... You know, as it'll be all about me in that case...


Hope you had a good non-Holiday!