December 08, 2008

Another American Friendship is Destroyed

Christmas is the Christian version of the Super Bowl. It's a time for fans to annoyingly brag and believe that they are the best and the only ones who matter. And if you don't like football, the painted faces and thrust index fingers exclaiming #1 are horribly aggravating. Most of the Christians I know keep their beliefs to themselves, but some like to remind me every chance they get of what their beliefs are and it has annoyed me for years. I try not to do that because I have a lot of respect for various beliefs, but I chose for once not to hide my lack of beliefs.

I should know better. I should know not to expect the same respect that I give to others regarding religious tolerance. I receive emails and forwards that explicitly speak of something I don't believe in, but I politely ignore them.

I sent a "Christmas Survey" out to a lot of my friends. I didn't stop to think of who I was sending it to, but judging by the responses I got to the following question, I should have eliminated those with a brain too small to understand my answer:

Question: Do you have a nativity scene?

My Answer: No. I don't celebrate Christmas that way because I'm not religious. I celebrate Christmas as a time to show the people in your life that you love and appreciate them and to see the peace that's possible in the world, no matter what your beliefs are.

I guess my all-should-respect-others hippie thinking when it comes to religion is a lot to ask for. My point was that no matter what you believe in or don't believe in, you should be able to do so without persecution. Silly me! After all, why should we respect others? Why should we think that there could be more than one way to look at things?

I'm glad she showed me what a true friend is...and why she shouldn't be considered my friend any longer.

There's nothing like a little anger and hate to remind you of the real reason for the season... ;)


Glenn said...

I feel your pain Kel. Many Christians are the biggest hippocrates known to man. Preach peace and love unless, of course, you go to a different church (or none at all). Here in GA I live in fear people will find out I'm not religious. When they find out, one of two things happens:

1. People get offended and look at me like I just killed their dog with a club.

2. They try desperately to recruit me into their ranks.

I prefer reaction 1. At least they leave me alone after that.

Kel said...

You're totally right, Glenn. I know the you-just-killed-my-dog look and I have also dealt with the brownie-point-recruiting ones. The ones who give you a look are easier to handle.