December 05, 2008

Another American Family is Destroyed

I looked this up after reading my friend Jason's blog.

Here is a snippet from Lewis Black's HBO comedy special, Red, White & Screwed:

"Homosexuality is a threat to the family. Are you kidding me? How? No one ever explains it. How? It's not like there's a Jehovah's Witnesses of gaydom. 'Hi, we're here, we're queer, we're here, we're queer. I brought swatches! I brought swatches!'

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there are a group of gay banditos who get into a van every day and wander from village to dell. And as night begins to fall, they go back into a suburban neighborhood to that cul-de-sac where only one house stands. And in the window this young American family is setting down to their first meal and these queers don their black cloaks and hoods and matching pumps--very tasteful--and they charcoal up their faces and sneak up to that house...and open the door...and START FUCKING EACH OTHER IN THE ASS!


Isn't that the funniest?


Glenn said...

Seen it!

Lewis Black I mean, not to guys fucking in my living room.

Kel said...

Hahaha...well, you never know what those Georgians will do to prove their religious point! :)