January 10, 2006

Red Shoe Diaries

My quest to be a mother is much like the red sneaker fiasco of 1990.

Everyone had red sneakers that were made by (I think) Reebok. Oh, they were badass for 6th grade. Well, the kids who had fashion unconscious mothers had them. My mother, on the other hand, refused to let me get them because they looked stupid. (White shoes after Labor Day was also a no-no.)

Getting red shoes was the most important issue in my life then. (Ahhh, kid issues.) It didn't take me very long to realize how idiotic they actually looked, but I continued to want them because I couldn't have them. (Hmmm, baby, anyone?) I now thank my mother for her fashion sense, although I wish she would have warned me how stupid Hypercolor and "Button Your Fly" shirts would turn out to be.

1 comment:

Jason Hughes said...

But I loved the hypercolor shirts!!!! I had a pink/blue one, despite my loathing of pink!