January 11, 2006

Universal Laughter

Well, I decided to ditch the online class and get my lazy ass to campus for an old-fashioned, don't-stare-out-the-window-too-long class, complete with a will-he-ever-shut-up lecture. Go me.

In other news, a man who attempted to kill Dubya got life in prison. Andrea Yates, who drown her three defenseless children in a bathtub, has gotten a second chance for being "insane." I hate the world.

And yet more proof the universe is laughing at me: I happened to stop at the Nancy Grace show on CNN (which I normally can't stand) the other night, where the top news story was a newborn that was left for dead in the trash by a 15-year-old mother. [Insert universal laughter here.]

1 comment:

Jason Hughes said...

... when you say she got a second chance ...

This must be par of Shrubya's "No Insane Mother Left Behind" act, althoug his "No Assassin Left Behind" act still hasn't gotten through Congress, I hear his "No Ass Left Behind" program is a hit in republican circles....