April 20, 2006

Even Seinfeld Bombs at Times

Okay, I just thought I'd write and tell you that Bethany, the most annoying coworker in the entire world, left for good yesterday. Everyone is so thrilled! And, you know, it's funny, but everyone seems to be in a particularly good mood today. There's laughing and smiling...it's like Bush's term came to an end or something. ;)

In other news, I announced to my Special Education class last night that I am pregnant. I didn't mean to, it just happened. I had been telling my friends how freaked out I was by the class. Every class we discuss every possible thing that can go wrong during a pregnancy. And for me and my issues, it's not a very comforting place to be. I swear, every week I feel like crap when I leave there. So at one point they started laughing and said they know how I must feel.

Well, the prof asked what was up, so I told her (and, incidentally, the entire class in the process) that I'm pregnant and that the class is really freaking me out. Everyone turned to look at me. I laughed and said how my mom told me I shouldn't go to that class anymore (as if I'm going to drop with 2 weeks left) and the professor actually said that I could leave if I felt uncomfortable. Of course, then I felt like crying. I'm not sure if it was everyone looking at me with "awwwww" eyes or the fact that everyone missed the humor of it. I meant the whole thing as a "funny, haha" kind of comment, but it ended up being a "you'll be okay" moment.

I guess even Seinfeld bombs at times.

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