May 17, 2006

Off to Guam!

I just wrote this to my friend and thought it so amusing, I thought I'd post it here:

Anyway, I just wanted to write and say hello. I hope to hear from you soon...or let me know when to call. I have unlimited calling and I'm looking forward to sticking it to the man, even though they will probably eavesdrop on our call and know they've got some weirdos in the U.S. Can you be deported for being a moron? That would help the U.S., but Bush would have to go to Guam.

But I'm not going to say how I really feel about the whole issue. :)


Anonymous said...

Out of naive curiosity, what's the significance of going to Guam?

Kelly said...

A. It's far away.
B. It's fun to say.
C. Why not?