December 25, 2006

The Gift

Merry Christmas, everyone! I wish you all a very happy new year, too. And just for the record, I see nothing wrong with "Happy Holidays." So, Happy Everything.

I have received the best Christmas present I will ever receive: my daughter. It's been an amazing couple of months with my new best friend. I know I sound like a bragging mother (and I am), but she is the best baby a person could hope for. It sounds odd considering my usually cynical outlook on things, but I'm wondering how I got so damn lucky.

My uncle summed it up best last night when he said, "You're one of the happiest mothers I've seen in a very long while." I am. I'm happy.


Jason Hughes said...

It's just good to know you're still alive! LOL! It seems like it's been forever!!

Hope you had a great holiday season, and hope you have a wonderful new year! I got the pic in the mail--she is so freakin' adorable!!!! (And she looks just like you!!)

Kelly said...

Well, I'd bring her by to visit, but I was told once by a co-worker that showing off one's kid is extremely tacky. ;)

Jason Hughes said...

LOL! Guilty as charged, your honor... (And it still holds true) :D