September 09, 2007

Sunday Night Musings

Some random Sunday night musings:

It's amazing how much milk your household goes through when you have a milkmonger who drinks milk exclusively. I don't think I've ever bought a gallon of milk until a few weeks ago and now I'm in the milk section all the time! Although I'm not one of those people who will complain about milk being $4 a gallon. My neighbor tried to rile me up the other day with that conversation, but she never had kids and has obviously never had to kiss the Enfamil-Formula-God's ass.

Buying a baby seat is difficult. There's too many choices and since I can't actually SIT in it, I have no idea whether or not it's even comfortable. Honestly, today I TRIED to sit in the one we just bought, but I couldn't get my big ass to fit. I didn't feel so bad, though, since the maximum weight is 100 pounds. (I'm not sure why I tried, so don't ask.) If only I could get one cheek to fit. Maybe I should recruit my puny grandmother to sit in the thing.

And, yes, I am one of the idiots who will be tuning in for the VMAs tonight. I can't help it. Although I think I've become a victim of Hollywood standards for weight because we saw Britney Spears' rehearsal on TV before and I thought she looked heavy. Dan said no, but he obviously has to answer that one carefully. I always hate celebrities because they complain about a day's work...but that's about all they have to do for the month. I think people are obsessed with them and that's completely sad. But I guess I like a little entertainment via pretty gowns and who-hates-who. Besides, I have TiVO and I could fast-forward until Foo Fighters come on.

I was in the bathroom before and Katie came pounding in--literally. She has taken it upon herself to open all closed doors and is certainly too young to understand to knock. She came in and emptied all the panty liners out from under the sink before I could grab her. Yesterday morning she opened the door to my bedroom while I was sleeping (think: police raid) and scared the crap out of me. I think Dan put her up to it. All I know is that he didn't stop her.


Jason Hughes said...

LOL!! I can't believe she's getting around already! Holy crap, didn't you just have her last week?


Time really flies, doesn't it?

Anywho, you'll always be one of my number one reads...

Kel said...

She's a really fast crawler and on Monday she took her first steps! She's 11 months today, but I feel like I just had her, too.'re my number one read, even though I'm just ONE of yours. :)