September 12, 2007

Tootsie Roll Pop of Mourning

First, I watched the VMAs and I have a few comments about Britney Spears. First of all, there are plenty of people who would LOVE to have her body because she is NOT fat, including myself. (And if I had a genie-style wish that I could customize, I would get her 1998 VMA body and throw in Justin Timberlake for good measure, but I digress.) Even if she were fat, it should be about her voice. Of course, she shouldn't wear a bra and panties on stage if she wants people to focus on her voice and not on her post-pregnancy body. She's kind of like a car wreck that you can't help but watch: disturbing, yet, honestly, embarrassingly interesting.*

Second, I don't know why I torture myself every 9/11 by watching the memorial services and shows about the widows and parent-less children. I guess I feel like it falls under the "car wreck" statement above. I remember seeing the South Park episode about 9/11 and it showed Stan's mother lying on the couch glazed over from watching all the coverage. I was like that, just because I found it terribly interesting and disturbing at the same time. I cried every September 11th for the past six years including this one when I watched a young woman who lost her mother say that her mom had been her best friend and her "everything." I couldn't help but cry because I thought of losing my mom. I'm sure it doesn't help how those people lost people they cared about. It's terribly sad when anger surrounds a death. It's almost as if the anger seals you off from healing because it takes so long to get past that. It's like a messed-up Tootsie Roll Pop of Mourning. (That sounds somewhat funnier than I really mean.)

Third, Katie took her first steps on Monday. She's only 11 months today...I just wanted to brag for a moment. Thanks.

*As a side note, I don't like car accidents. I happened upon an accident a couple of weeks ago where a guy got hit by a car and I freaked out and turned the car around so I wouldn't have to see any more than I did. Just thought I'd mention that so you don't think I'm some weird "Crash" person.


aidbo said...

Thanks for the encouragement!
I was just thinking about putting up another post!

Kel said...

Go for it, Aidbo! I could tell your blog will be very interesting and it's always good when people write.

I'll stop it soon!