November 06, 2007

Fair-Weather Drummer?

When I first met my husband, he was the drummer for a punk band. He left the band for numerous reasons, none of which the founding members were mature enough to accept. A lack of loyalty never played into the equation. That band would mutate over the years, but maturity and dignity obviously eludes his one-time band members. I just located this blurb on their current MySpace page:

"Founding members [X] and [X] have always worked together to create music and lyrics that make a statement. Grab the listener's attention, make a visceral connection, and never let go. While the two weathered a rotating cast of fair-weather drummers and bassists over the first few years, [my italics] they still managed to release a solid, if unrefined EP and tour extensively as a young band just learning the ropes."

Fair-weather drummer? I guess "fair-weather" means to me that he would quit the band to eventually become a wonderful husband, father, and co-worker who is liked by everyone and who truly is a talented musician. If you're a pompous self-absorbed ass, it means something different. Dan's definition? "I only play the drums when it's sunny." (He obviously takes insults better than I do.)

Somehow "grabbing the listener's attention" is a talent that has been gravely exaggerated also. What about the shows where the kids walked out because of your shitty lyrics, absurd guitar solos, and lack of stage presence?

It's really a shame. I thought you guys would have grown through the years.

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